Comprehensive competency framework for teachers, internationally benchmarked and accepted by a large number of schools and institutions

CENTA Standards are a well-defined set of competencies for teachers at different stages of their careers i.e. new teachers, experiences teachers and senior teachers. Internationally benchmarked and accepted by schools and other institutions, CENTA Standards form the basis of everything we do.

The CENTA Standards cover 1. Competencies (specific to teaching, fundamental competencies of an individual and professional competencies), and 2. Mindsets that include attitudes and beliefs.

Technical Competencies

Competencies specific to teaching
as a profession


Fundamental competencies of an

Professional Competencies

Competencies specific to teaching
as a profession


Competencies specific to teaching
as a profession

The Process

The CENTA Standards have been developed through a carefully designed process based on rigorous research of international teaching standards and corresponding efforts in India. The draft standards underwent a comparative study with select international models, to understand and analyse gaps.

Most importantly, the CENTA Standards is the result of a collaborative effort that incorporated inputs from over 300 stakeholders including school leaders, teachers, teacher coaches, academic experts, teacher training entities and donors.

The CENTA Standards is regularly updated keeping it relevant amidst evolving needs and requirements.

Download the latest CENTA Standards