For School

The biggest challenge facing school managements today is identifying, attracting and retaining high quality teachers. In addition, schools also have to shoulder the responsibility of teachers' ongoing professional development. CENTA aims to help schools deal with this more effectively, with a structured assessment and certification mechanism. This will help identify high quality teachers and teacher candidates and enable them to take ownership of their own professional development. Whether you run a foundation school or a private CBSE or SSC school or an international curriculum school, CENTA certificates can help you:

  • Identify and recruit high quality teachers at various tenures and with excellence in various competencies.
  • Identify teachers who can be given additional responsibility as leaders and coaches from among CENTA Level 3 certified teachers.
  • Follow an objective and independent mechanism to reward, recognize, promote and create other opportunities for your teachers.
  • Retain your outstanding teachers by keeping them connected with broader opportunities; e.g. a high quality conference, participation in a network.
  • Motivate your teachers to take ownership of their own professional development by taking advantage of opportunities that the school provides.
  • Empower the recruitment function of your organization with a members-only access to a database of CENTA-certified teachers .
  • Help you understand where you stand as a school on the quality of teachers, and indicate this quality to parents in a tangible and independent manner.

If you are interested in exploring the CENTA Certification for teachers of your school or in using it for recruiting, please click here and register your details.